The Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association is exactly just that: Our artist and gallery members are the soul of IDADA. Together, we work together on our mission to develop public awareness of the artist and the art dealer, to encourage strong continuing community support for the visual arts, and to promote the highest professional standards. 

We value every single one of our members, be they artists, galleries, or friends of IDADA. Please take advantage of our Directory feature, so that our members can be found and connected with opportunities. A .PNG of our logo, designed by Scott Johnson of Axiomport, is provided at the bottom of this page, please download it and use it to show your IDADA membership pride. And please "watch this space," as we work to add new features for our IDADA Members and Friends.  

        How to Renew Memberships

• Log in to your profile in the upper right corner of the screen.
• Click "View Profile," to navigate to your profile page.
• Look for the grey box saying, "Renew until (date)."

While there, be sure to add photos of your art to your album, and to fill out your bio and statement information, and to complete your directory entry.
Tell the story of you and help others connect to your art.

Please note: While we appreciate donations, the "Donate" option is separate from a "Membership Renewal" and it will not update your renewal date to accurately reflect your membership.

        Our IDADA Logo


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